Coal RangeA ban on selling bituminous coal is set to be extended nationwide in 2018.

The extension is being announced after research revealed the anomaly of bigger cities having cleaner air in the winter months than some provincial towns. It is expected to take effect from the heating season of 2018.

Restrictions on the sale of bituminous coal were first introduced in the Dublin area in 1990, in an effort to improve air quality.

Bord na Móna has been a leader in solid fuels for decades and has embraced the migration to smokeless solid fuel in the 25 years since the Dublin ban. The company is leading the way with planned investment in research and infrastructure for smokeless fuels. Planning permission is being progressed for a smokeless coal plant at Foynes, Co Limerick.

New for the 2015/16 winter season is an expanded range of high quality smokeless coals, with colour coded packaging that is also designed to be cleaner in terms of coal dust. Newly introduced 10kg smokeless coal bags have an easy to carry handle, making it more convenient to bring coal home to the hearth. Find out more about our smokeless coals and current smokeless zones.