Ask the ExpertWe asked the experts from the Bord na Móna Combustion Laboratory for the most frequently asked questions about our products, and we have compiled a list of questions and answers.

Please be aware that we recommend that a fireguard be used with all open fires, and always read lighting and safety instructions on pack.

We want you to enjoy every aspect of your real fire in comfort and reassurance, so if you can’t find the answer to your question please contact us and we’ll be happy to Ask the Expert.


Can I add a Firelog to an existing fire?
No, Bord na Móna Firelog was designed to create the warmth and ambience of a real fire. However other fuel such as Peat Briquettes, turf, wood and coal can be added after 1½ hours of burn time to extend the fire.

Is it ok to burn more than one Firelog at a time?
No, as this could be dangerous. Burning more than one Firelog at a time could result in too large or too hot a fire for your fireplace. However after 1½ hours other fuel can be added to the fire. Should you wish to use another Firelog please ensure that the first Firelog is burnt out before adding the second log to the grate.

Can I burn a Bord na Móna Firelog in my outdoor firepit or chimenea?
Yes, you can.

Can I use the Firelog in a barbecue?
No, as it is not designed or intended for cooking food. We supply an instant lighting range of BBQ packs for this purpose.



Can I use Firepak on an existing fire?
No, you cannot add Firepak to a lit fire as it will cause too large a flame. It is designed to be the convenient real coal fire in a bag, just place in an empty clean grate and light the bag.

Is it possible to add fuel to a Firepak® fire?
Yes. Firepak will burn for 3-4 hours, however you can add fuel if you wish to extend the fire further.

Can I use Firepak in a stove?
Yes you can. It will burn longer and better in a stove but ensure it goes onto a cold empty grate. For a full list of Bord na Móna products suitable for both open fires and stoves please click for our handy Usage Guide.

Is Firepak suitable for chimeneas and outdoor appliances?
No, please be aware that Firepak CANNOT be used in barbecues, firepits or chimeneas. Firepak reaches a very high temperature that can cause damage your chimenea.


Eco Friendly Products

How many Wood Logs can I use at one time?
It is not recommended to use more than 3 wood logs at any one time for an average size grate.



General Questions

How can I prevent build up of creosote and tars in my chimney?
Only use dry fuels. Wet or damp wood or turf can lead to a build up of creosote and tars in chimneys. If this is not regularly removed from the chimney, burning a hot fire in the fireplace could ignite it and cause a chimney fire.

How often should I have my chimney swept?
Smokeless fuel open fire or stove/room heater – Once a year
Bituminous house coal open fire – Twice a year
Wood burning stove – Every three months during use

What fuel is suitable for my stove?
For a list of Bord na Móna products suitable for both open fires and stoves please click for the handy Usage Guide.