After some time spent outdoors, there’s nothing nicer than the warmth of a real fire. To make sure you can enjoy your fire first time, every time, we have put together some useful videos on how best to achieve a great fire worthy of any homecoming.


Perfect Stove Fire

Lighting a stove is a little bit different to a regular fire. Have a look at our quick and simple guide on how to achieve a warm, long lasting stove fire that’s guaranteed to light first time, every time.

Perfect Smokeless Fire

Quick and simple step by step video on how to achieve a warm, long lasting fire that’s guaranteed to give you all the benefits of a regular fire using our smokeless fuel.

Kiln Dried Hard Wood Logs V. Air Dried Soft Wood Logs

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Kiln Dried and Air Dried Logs? With the help of our resident fire experts from the combustion labs, we put together this video to show the differences in the types of wood that can be used in your fire.


How to BBQ videos with expert and The Big Grill co- founder Andy Noonan

We all love a good barbecue. Bord na Móna fuels have teamed up with Expert BBQ chef and founder of The Big Grill Andy Noonan to create a BBQ series full of handy tips and tricks. Andy will show us everything we need to light the perfect BBQ, recipes and cooking techniques. Watch and inspire yourself to dust off the BBQ and get grilling.






BBQ expert Andy Noonan shows us how to prepare and grill flank steak.


Why not try something different on the BBQ? See how to make a tasty dessert with a simple disposable BBQ.


BBQ expert Andy Noonan shows us how to prepare and grill spatchcock chicken.


Andy Noonan shows us how to light the BBQ using a chimney starter and gives us some handy fire management tips.


Barbecue are not just for meat eaters, you can grill your veggies too.



How to make the perfect BBQ Ribs

Quick and Easy BBQ Rub