Recommended by Waterford Stanley as the preferred fuel for their stoves, our stove fuels burn efficiently to provide a consistent high quality warmth for your home.

Using our long-standing expertise and knowledge, we have developed a Stove Fuel range specifically designed to help you get the best from your stove. We also provide other fuels that are suitable for both open fires and stoves. For instance, did you know that peat briquettes can be used in both fires and stoves? Check out our Usage Guide for more on this.

Whether you want a hot short burst of fire, or a consistent, long-lasting fire with medium heat, we have the perfect Stove Fuel to suit you.

Stove Log

Stove Log provides a fast lighting smokeless fire for stoves. 

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Where to buy:

Bord na Móna stove fuels are available from most local solid fuel suppliers including Bellmen, Fuel Merchants, Co-ops, Hardware… more

Bord na Móna Fireheat Stove Coal Briquettes


Our Stove Fuel is the most popular slow burning, smokeless fuel for stoves and cookers. Available in 35kg bag and now also available in a smaller 20kg bag, for your convenience.

Key features:

High heat
Long burn time
Clean and easy to use
Low ash
Complies with all… more

Peat Briquettes

Standard Bale of Peat Briquettes

The original and best smokeless peat briquettes. Our smokeless peat briquettes have been Ireland’s favourite solid fuel for over 60 years. Made from 100% natural products, they are just as suitable for open fires as for stoves, and are easy to light.

Bord na Móna peat briquettes have a long… more

Black Diamond Grade A Anthracite

Bord na Móna Black Diamond Grade A Anthracite

The best performing anthracite available – excellent for carrying a fire overnight. Black Diamond Grade A Anthracite is available in 40kg bags only.

Key features:

Superior consistent quality
Intense high heat
Longer burn time
Very low ash content (enhances its ability to… more

Bord na Móna Redflame

Bord na Móna Redflame

A low ash anthracite product suitable for closed appliances. Bord na Móna Redflame is available in 40kg bags only.

Key features:

Consistent quality
Intense high heat
Long burn time
Low ash content
Complies with all smokeless legislation and is ideal for use in smokeless… more

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

Our Kiln Dried Hardwood products are sustainably sourced, ideal for stoves (as well as being suitable for chimeneas and open fires), and contain less than 20% moisture. This carbon neutral fuel source has a high heat output, long burn time and low ash for steady and smokeless warmth.

Our… more

Did you know?

All of Bord na Móna’s bituminous coals are suitable for use in a stove. Additionally, the following are suitable for use in multi-fuel stoves:

 **We recommend that you check with the manufacturer’s guidelines before using any of our products in your stove.