Bring the natural smell of a burning wood fire into your home with our Kiln Dried Kindling.

This environmentally friendly product is ideal for stoves and suitable for chimneas and open fires. It’s packaged in an easy to carry and store bag.This quality kindling is quick to light and compared with other types of kindling, delivers a high heat and long burn time, for an easy to start and sustainable fire.

This carbon neutral fuel source is eco friendly with a moisture content of less than 10%. Bord na Móna’s Kiln Dried Kindling undergoes a unique kiln drying process to ensure consistently dry and clean kindling in every bag.

* Bord na Móna cannot guarantee and will not be held liable for differences in weight. Pack weights are for guidance only. As wood is a natural material, individual piece sizes and moisture levels will vary.

How to use:

  • Store in a dry place
  • Place two or three pieces of Bord na Móna Firelighters on a clean grate and light
  • Follow with a few pieces of Bord na Móna Kiln Dried Kindling on top
  • A fireguard should always be used with an open fire

*As wood is a natural material, individual log sizes will vary which will determine the number of logs required for your fire.

Hints & tips

Please ensure you give the kindling enough time to catch before adding your fuel for the night.

For more advice from our expert, visit our How To section.

Did you know?

  • High heat, long burn time and low ash, our wood range is cleaner for handling
  • This sustainable product is made with Irish hardwood sourced from managed woodlands
  • This is a smokeless fuel product that complies with the Air Pollution Act 2012 Regulations and is carbon neutral
  • Bord na Móna now supply a wide range of quality wood fuel solutions including Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs, Air Dried Logs, Air Dried Kindling and Eco Logs

Where to Buy:

Bord na Móna’s wood range is available in most Supermarkets, Forecourt Outlets, DIY, Hardware and Convenience stores. Call 1850 744 755 for details of your local stockist or contact us.