Decorating your home for ChristmasAre you planning to deck out your home for Christmas this weekend? Take a look at our ten tips from style queen Lisa Fitzpatrick as they’re sure to lend a touch of elegance to your living space! And decorating with your loved ones is a wonderful way to enjoy warmer moments.

  1. Fairy lights at Christmas create a soft mood – it’s nice to stack a vase with fairy lights as a centre piece on the table or to light up the fireplace.
  1. Decide on a colour theme for your Christmas tree and follow this throughout your home, including a table plan.
  1. For a smaller space, in an apartment for example, rather than a tree taking up too much space, add some mistletoe around the room, a wreath or garland across the fireplace and fairy lights. It’s so easy to create a festive feel without a tree!
  1. If you have a fresh wreath on your front door but you find the flowers are wilting over the Christmas period, it’s nice to change the table a little by using the wreath as a centre piece.
  1. Decorating your home for ChristmasMake decorating fun by getting the whole family involved – make sure you have a roaring fire to make it really cosy. Play Christmas music, have some homemade treats like spiced apple juice or mulled wine by the fire and make everyone part of it.
  1. Have a fun family day to create memories (and you can even print out photos to decorate at home!) It could be going ice skating, walking your dog up the mountains or even Funderland. It’s all about family time and being together taking in the outdoors!
  1. Remember the Christmas sales for decoration shopping – if you have something you looked at and loved but it’s out of your budget, try again during the sales. It’s a good feeling to pay much less for something you loved and you can keep it up for next year.
  1. dinner-meal-table-wine-mediumYou can buy great artificial trees in Carraig Donn. They’re great to decorate for children’s bedrooms each year and continue a tradition of buying a symbol that’s meaningful to both you and your children.
  1. Keep memory boxes from Christmas. Store them in a dry place, it’s great to look back at old photos and cards from years ago.
  1. For table settings, personalise name places by including a message in each rather than Christmas crackers. Create a little something special, for example Santa hats, reindeer antlers, red nose, something that will get the lunch started with some fun.

What warmer moments is Lisa, a mum-of-two, looking forward to this Christmas?

Decorating your home for Christmas“Anyone who knows me know that I love staying home in my PJs with a crackling fire, some great box sets and a nice bottle of wine. We have a real fire at home – you just can’t beat that feeling and the smell. It’s so cosy and my idea of complete happiness.

“I love creating memories at Christmas time. We have some nice family traditions that we all love, particularly our son Dalton. We all go and choose the Christmas tree together and after we drag it through the hall door, we fill the base with bottles of 7Up, this is something my husband Paul did with his family when he was growing up so I love that we are continuing his tradition with our children too.

“Then we light the fire and play some Christmas music and songs while we decorate the tree together. I love the sound of the crackling fire and the smell of a real Christmas tree!

“Happy Christmas to all Bord na Móna customers like myself who love nothing more than doing nothing and having cosy nights in.”

(Photo of Lisa credit – Barry McCall)

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